Data Privacy: an utopy in a distophyc world.

There’s no such thing as data privacy. Every single company will sell your data one way or another. Your mobile carrier, Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, your favourite local (online or offline) store, even your government !

Almost everything that you use these days needs information about yourself. Location, email, mobile phone number, credit cards, bank accounts, passports, national id documents and so on.

Remember how Pablo Escobar has been caught ? Triangulation, baby !

“…used high-powered antennas to calculate the general direction of his transmission during a phone call with his son. Once this first bearing was charted and visually confirmed, roving pairs of high-tech surveillance vans crisscrossed the streets of Medellín in search of the strongest hits on Escobar’s frequency. When the operators’ equipment calculated the area where all three lines intersected, the race was on to close the distance … where a block search finally yielded Escobar’s precise location.”, Sep 2016

This happened almost 30 years ago when military GPS was in “beta version”, when there were no smart devices and no Gigabytes.

Now take all the time you need and think about data privacy in 2019.

Ice Age

I come from the ice age. I have started what it is called today “web development” during the first release of PHP 3.0 and ASP 3.0. That happened in the previous millennium. In the previous century!
Back then IE had more than 95% of the market.
Until ~2010 it was a complete nightmare to develop front ends. You had to develop special cases for IE. Paddings? Margins? Overflows ? Give 10px to IE and he will eat 2 of them. I can write for days about those nightmares but the memory of clients using IE 6 (worst: IE5.5) in 2010 still gives me creeps.
When Chrome came into the picture, it was the best thing it could happen. It was the heaven on earth like jQuery was (and is) for a JS frontend dev. I was among first people who said: Use IE to download Chrome or Firefox!
So if you ask me, a unified browser would be the perfect future. I would ask Google, Microsoft, Firefox and Apple to agree on the f*****g specs and release the first unified version of “Gomfa Browser” (or whatever acronym suits their ego)…