Youtube sucks. Or why we should kill it !

I am honestly tired of Youtube’s aggressive advertisement. Really now … guys … we are eating ads all day. On TV, on the street, listening to FM, reading online news and more.

Lately, in Spain, at every 1-2 videos I have to mute my speakers and switch tabs in my browser. Not only that most of the ads are 19-22 seconds and you can’t skip them, but they are also completely unrelated to my preferences. Youtube … PLEASE, pay some respect to the users that are feeding your bank accounts.

I understand and I agree that every company should find a way to make profits. But if this aggressive advertisement on Youtube is a reaction on the company’s low KPI, then you should rethink a little bit your business strategy.

Until then, with respect, YOU[suck]tube !

Want Your Company to Grow? Fire Your Managers!

Too many employees work for their boss rather than their company or their clients. Businesses these days are filled with multiple layers of management, and employees often find themselves playing politics and focusing on tasks to make their boss happy.

At the end of the day, the company quickly forgets what their goals are and what they are in business to do — and everyone is focusing on the task at hand with little sense of how it fits into the bigger picture.

If you notice this in your workplace, your top-down hierarchy is the culprit.

By eliminating this model at my digital marketing agency, Ciplex, we created a company people love working at, and saved money in the process. Our customer satisfaction went up, and the quality of work improved. We have happier employees, satisfied clients, lowered costs, and a better company overall.


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Hilarious Programming Jargon

Today i found a funny article on about the programming jargon:

Heisenbug: A play on “Heisenberg,” a principle in quantum mechanics, a Heisenbug is a bug that disappears or alters its characteristics when an attempt is made to study it.

Hydra: A bug that, when an attempt to fix is made, introduces two new bugs. It’s a bug that cannot be fixed.

Mad girlfriend bug: When you see something strange is happening, but the software is telling you everything is fine.

Higgs Bugson: Another bug based on a physics phenomenon, a Higgs Bugson is a bug that’s hypothetically predicted to exist based on other conditions, but is difficult to produce.

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