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Trying to get Windows 98 to work on modern MBR, BIOS Machine. 
Jun 30, 2021
Architected solution
Built a website
Designed an API
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I scoped, architected, and lead engineering efforts on year-long project building a user-facing payment application for healthcare patients to pre-pay for scheduled, upcoming services. Patients received a discount for early prepayment.

Starting the year prior, I worked with Product and Program managers to break down and scope the work needed to build this app. After sizing and scoping I put together architecture documentation for front & back-end systems, then worked with my team to start building out the features.

Key responsibilities included implementing Identity flows & Authentication, Designing APIs and Database Schemas, building front-end UI and core business logic.

You can watch a walkthrough of the app including sign-in, making payments, verifying payment at the payment gateway, and viewing past transactions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSCgLivDCGI
Mar 01, 2020
Launched a web app
Built a website
Launched a data analytics web application for reporting on automated  processing of Prior Authorizations for Healthcare.

I custom-built this application in React. Other development highlights I architected and implemented include custom RBAC structure for user authorization, feature flags, and user management functionality.

Attached screens show login (SSO configured via Auth0), landing page, several dashboards, and user authorization management.
Agile coach
Digital Transformation
Coached a Product Owner
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CPO for 'Continuous Delivery' strategy

At New Zealand's largest government agency, I led the agile transformation working alongside executives and senior leaders to shape ways of working and strategy. Key product success included fostering a high performing culture, a mindset and behaviour shift, as well as delivering great health sector outcomes.

My focus was providing Scaled Agile (SAFe) transformation expertise and experience from design through to delivery, as well as coaching and guiding senior leadership on the adoption of agile and the shift to a continuous delivery culture.
Chief Product Owner, ITNewcom
Wrote AQL
Refactored graph traversal code
I really <3 Arango DB.
Started reading a new book
Reading a book
I'm reading a Developer Relations book by Sam Julien!