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Started contributing to AsyncAPI Initiative as a student software developer. 

Added multiple documentation features like : Fixed issues like :
Wrote a Chrome Extension
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Tested GitHub Copilot
Freelanced with Upwork
Freelanced with Fiverr
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Hello, i am Obiabo Immanuel a Frontend Developer and a UI/UX Designer 
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After installing a Nerd Font, Oh My Posh theme, and icon package to make my PowerShell terminal look nice (because why not?), I realized there was an issue with how Windows Terminal implements acrylic transparency effects. I then made my first ever issue in an open-source repository that I didn't create or maintain. Turns out, this issue is known and yet to be fixed by the Windows Terminal team. The issue I opened did however catch another, albeit minor, bug, for which I submitted a pull request.

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Jan 22, 2022
Taught a workshop
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Mentored Coding Students
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Just did a workshop on Next.js with egghead.io. Such an amazing experience! Will be doing another one next Saturday, on January 29, 2022.

The workshop material is Open Source! 👉 https://github.com/nikolovlazar/egghead-beginners-guide-nextjs
Instructor, egghead.io
Jan 26, 2022
Working on a Discord bot
Contributed to open source
Working on an Automod Discord Bot project with Codeize and a few others. 

Started about 3 hours ago
Participating to a hackathon
Hacking away for the Livspace tech week