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Passionate about web development. I hope i will have time to write on this blog … :). Until then, you can visit my LinkedIn profile: Calin Rada

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  1. Hi

    My name is Farshad and i’m from Iran ,

    Me and a friend of mine are planning to translate your book and if possible publish it, but there things to consider , first in Iran we don’t have copyright law and normally a book can be published about 1000 copies, and the profit is not much and we don’t intent to make money out of this translation at all.

    I believe we have to get permission (even though we don’t have to obey copyright law in Iran) from you in order to translate the book and use the translation for our new comers and newbie programmers in our startup and if possible then we publish it.

    The reason i’m contacting you is asking how we can work together and make this translation legal and grant you permission.
    Let me know what we can do and how we can accomplish the the task.
    BTW i’m PHP Programmer and lead developer of our startup and as i noted earlier the main reason for translating the book is to make it easy for new comers to our team to learn PhalconPHP and start producing quality codes .

    Best Regards,
    Farshad Nematdoust

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